Sunflowers and Corn

“Man shall not live by bread alone”

“But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.:  Matthew 4:4

Hi friends,

Jesus started his ministry by fasting forty days and forty nights. He was also tempted by Satan during this time.  This scripture gives me hope during this horrific time in our world.  We can hold firm, we can trust our Great God. We can get through this.  The inspiration for this post is one of my kitchen canister’s that has this scripture engraved on it.

IMG_20190819_132841687 (2)

Sometimes I have to shop my house to find a container for flowers.  This is a kitchen canister that normally holds sugar.  These were a gift from Bob years ago.


Photos from last year at Biltmore.  They are probably a month away from blooming.  Can’t wait!


I really love this table runner from HomeGoods that I found several years ago. It has some beautiful beading and love the corn.  Mother used to plant her sunflowers in her vegetable garden. It was so amazingly beautiful.


Each day young sunflowers trace the path of the sun across the sky turning their faces 180 degrees from east to west.  They dance under the sun.  That’s what we need to do!


I think you can see the beading on this runner.  Really beautiful.


IMG_20190819_132841687 (2)

I have used sunflowers, red roses, fresh corn and fresh greenery for this arrangement.


IMG_0003 (1)

I believe this is pollination week.  The bright, large flower heads of sunflowers present a nectar and pollen mother lode for their pollinators, which are bees of all kinds.

IMG_8014 (1)

IMG_0003 (1)

“Man shall not live by bread alone.”  


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  1. Dianne, I love your arrangement incorporating sunflowers and corn. The beaded runner is the perfect complement for the corn and sunflowers. I have used canisters for my arrangements, and I love that you used one for this special floral! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend ♥️

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