June Inspiration

We do not understand the intricate pattern of the stars in their courses, but we know that He who created them does, and that just as surely as He guides them, He is charting a safe course for us,” – Billy Graham

Hi Friends,

My tablescape today is inspired by the beautiful birds that enjoy our feeders every day.  They really love the early morning.  It keeps Bob and Maddie busy filling the feeders.


I had seen these beautiful bird plates once before and had passed on them.  You know how we talk to ourselves….”Don’t need these and have no room to store them.” On that particular day I was upset with myself for not having got them.  I told Bob that if I see them again  I will purchase these plates.  And sure enough…months and months later in a walk through TJ Maxx, one set waiting for me.  No hesitation!


I have created a centerpiece with lots of color with a nest nearby.




This candlestick and candle belonged to Mother.  I always try to use something that belonged to Mother on my table.


I used pink linens and tried to incorporate pink in my centerpiece.


Flowers are such a gift to us.  They can make an ordinary day very special.



These stems were a gift from Hazel, my wonderful mother-in-law. These crystal cups will hold a special flavored coffee.






To enjoy life you don’t need wealth or power but a song in your heart.  Thanks for your visit today.  



Garden Joy

Hi Friends,

I am joining the very talented Pam Richardson at Everyday Living today for her Gardens Galore Link Party.  Gardening is one of the true joys of my life.  We have had record rainfall in May  with little sunshine so my garden has a way to go.  The flowers need more sunshine.

Besides lots of flowers and nice shade trees, my garden includes a swing, a fire pit with two adirondack chairs, a cinderella arbor, statuary, and a small patio. My Mother left me an old glider and I had a bench I wanted to use in my garden.  We built a beautiful patio of colored  stamped concrete for this purpose.  It has an unusual shape that fits nicely in the area.   It took us a bit to lay it out.  There are lots  of trees including evergreens that make beautiful backdrops. I am all about the flowers, birds, rabbits, and the butterflies. Let’s head out to my garden….



This spring a beautiful indigo bunting came through for a visit.  Look where he perched!


These blue iris standing very tall are breathtaking.


I  had some beautiful blooms before so much rain came and I am glad I kept the camera handy. The columbine was so beautiful next to the pink hydrangea.


My day lilies are doing very well.  I have six of these that make a nice border.


Knock out roses provide lots of blooms.


Bearded iris transplanted from Mother’s garden.



The indigo bunting checked out the feeders and then flew away.  I hope he will be a frequent visitor.


This blooming tree just outside my fence gave me much joy in early spring.


IMG_0655 (1)

Our garden is divided into several sections but all flows together.  My swing gives me lots of happy times.  This year I planted climbing honeysuckle on both sides of the swing.  I expect it will almost climb to the top by next year.

IMG_0030 (1).JPG

Mother gave me this old glider and we had a bench so we needed a patio.  We designed a shape and then used colored stamped concrete.  We are so happy with it.


I planted two climbing roses for the arbor. Their blooms are amazing and they are growing so fast.


A new hydrangea for the garden.


Roses blooming.  Took these pictures yesterday afternoon.



We are getting ready for our new mulch but the roses are beautiful.


This was taken last year-the roses, the salvia and the sedum were all flourishing.



Two of these on my wooden fence.



The arbor is a wonderful place to set up an outside table and enjoy an evening in the garden.


Thank you for taking this tour of my garden.  It is a work in progress.  I have my gloves and trimmers handy to do some deadheading today.  Pam, thank you for the opportunity to join the party.






A black and white tablescape

“At the sound of a child’s pure laugh or the sight of a father holding his baby for the first time, incredible JOY pushes upward. spilling over.  Our hearts were made for JOY,  Our hearts were made to enjoy the One who created them.”   author unknown

Hi Friends,

I am anxious to get outdoors and set up a table but the weather has made it almost impossible. So I decided to come back inside. Hopefully there is some sunshine on the way and my flowers can rebound.  My peonies are laying on the ground beat down by torrential rain. Even my other roses have been hit hard. Mother would not approve of my fussing about the weather. She would say “God is in charge of that.” I have this black and white container sitting on gold stilts that I am excited to use.


Every once in a while I like to set up a table on my kitchen island.   I just threw some greenery in this beautiful container and it seems to be all it needs.


I have very little black and white.  I am using my napkins as place mats.


I am using my beautiful white plates that I have had for years.  Mother’s bread plate is also on the table. The green napkins seem to be the right color and texture for this table.


The little bird bowls will hold cantaloupe and strawberries.  Going by the Farmer’s Market today to look for strawberries. Using my gold flatware to match the centerpiece.








I hope you enjoyed my big splash of color today.

Thank you for your visit today.  


Family Reunion

Family is a very strong word.  Its a place we feel secure, a place we feel loved.  These are people who share our losses and  our problems.  Families also help us celebrate our joys.  We are connected to each other in  a very special bond. These people seem more important to me every day.  Every Sunday before Memorial Day we gather at the Willis homestead in Wolf Laurel.  We visit the cemetery where many of our relatives are laid to rest and then gather together at Aunt Zell’s for a big meal and fellowship.   Aunt Zell and her four children live very close to one another.  It is unique in this day and time and I treasure the fact this is still possible with many families. The Willis family actually built a large covered shed with tiny festive lights to house all of us.  There were flowers on each table gathered from Aunt Zell and Susie’s gardens. A Blessed Day with 70 of us present!  Thank you friends for joining me today. 


Traveling to Wolf Laurel  is one of the most beautiful views in Western North Carolina.


The rhododendron in front of Susie’s house is just amazing.  As you can see, it is as tall as the first story of her house.


Years ago Susie started with an authentic log home and then added to it for a modern kitchen and a very spacious and comfortable home.  I did not get a picture of the entire house. The old log portion of her home is my favorite part.  Later in the post, we will go inside.


I am challenged to describe the beauty of this place.  A creek runs through the property and they have done an amazing job building walkways and bridge walks to different parts of the property.


Old farm equipment from past decades can be found everywhere.


Someone gave this smaller cabin to Susie and she had it moved to her property. It is equipped to be occupied.  While we were there, she had it rented for the weekend to a couple on a hiking trip. Beautiful.  Look at the lantern light fixture and her decorating is amazing. I will show pictures later of the hay bale and statuary underneath the cabin.  If it goes missing, I might be the first cousin to check with!


I feel home when I am here.  My heart feels lighter. This feels like a little part of heaven to me!


I told you….wanted to sneak it home with me but I knew he was right where he belonged.



More gardens and beautiful statuary. Glorious!



This creek runs through most of this property… so calming and beautiful.



Now, lets go inside….


Real logs…antiques everywhere…an old organ…it is a journey into the past.  It is amazing.



This grouping of old books against the rock mantle and logs captivated me.  So beautifully done Susie.


In the other corner is this grande piano which is played often.  This is a very musical family.  Susie is an amazing pianist.


Wouldn’t we love to sit at this table. Bob Timberlake print on the wall.



I am going to Aunt Zell’s now…want to say another goodbye and we sat for a spell.


I am now at my Aunt Zell’s house where flowers are blooming everywhere.  This is a yellow azalea. Very beautiful.  Bob inquired about it.  We don’t see many this color.


More rhododendron and hydrangeas in Aunt Zell’s garden.


Just so much natural beauty everywhere.


The old barn stands against lush trees and beautiful sky.


The creek runs right in front of her house.


Cattle in the field are relaxing in the lush meadow.


What a day with my Dad’s family. I love all of you so much.  Thank you Aunt Zell, Susie, Jimmy, Anthony and Bobby for making this gathering possible for all of us for so many years.  Thank you for your love.   Forgive me for the times I may have failed to be there when I was needed.  All of you are such a blessing.  May God bless you in a special way.


My precious Aunt Zell with me.  Love this woman.  

Thank you for your visit.



Birds of a Feather

Lord, thank you for rainbows and all other reminders of your faithful love to me.  Open my eyes to see each one today so I can delight in your promises and give you praise.


So many of the things I love from the outdoors I usually incorporate in my decorating and tablescapes….that goes for rainbows, birds, flowers, rabbits, horses and lots of color.


These silver birds and little cows belonged to Mother.   This homemade arrangement will eventually end up on my table.


The lighting was not very good for photography.


I love these bird plates from Pier I.  We will have a summer salad topped with brown sugar crusted salmon and ice tea.



The candlesticks and candles belonged to Mother.



Birds of a feather flock together and they look pretty cozy.



Lord, thank you for your beautiful world. Friends, thank you for joining me.