August 2020

God is God.  He loves us.  We are not adrift in chaos.  To me that is the most fortifying, the most stabilizing, the most peace-giving thing that I know anything about in the universe.  Every time things change in my life, I go back to the things that do not change.  God is God.  He…Read more »

Biltmore and the beauty of life

Flowers are a gift to this earth.  They bring JOY to so many. Their elegance and delicate touches have us in awe and exhilaration.  Flowers are the perfect reminder of the beauty of life. Hi Friends, As I wrote the words….flowers are the perfect reminder of the beauty of life….it was like I had just…Read more »

Biltmore and Happy Faces

Like a single sunbeam on a warm sunny day, there is an exuberance and brillance in a sunflower.  They symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. Hi friends, Bob and I spent a wonderful afternoon at Biltmore yesterday.  It had rained and we had cooler temps.  I took so many photos that I have divided this…Read more »

Biltmore July 19, 2020

It is up to me to see the beauty of everyday things. There is beauty offered to  each and everyone of us, every single day, no matter our circumstances, if we make ourselves available to it.  I was powerfully reminded of that today. Hi friends, This has been one happy and peaceful afternoon.  Bob and…Read more »