Davis, we can smell and feel it..Spring that is!

“Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hi Friends,

Last week we had some really beautiful days here.  I pick up Davis and Maddie after school.  When Davis got in the car he asked “Oma, can you feel it and smell it?”  I answered yes knowing he was talking about Spring.   We had recently had conversation about birds already scouting out places for their nests.  What an absolute joy to hear a question posed so beautifully.  I added “Spring might be teasing us a bit because it is 31 days til Spring”.

My tablescape is a little prelude to Spring. 



I have set a table for four using green place mats and pink napkins with a touch of silver.


This pattern is called “Grace’s Teaware”.  Perfect for a tea party.  


I have used these sweet pink and amber glasses for sweet tea. Both look so pretty with these plates.


These are dried hydrangeas from my garden surrounded by colors that match the plates.




See the little green mason jar behind the rabbit’s ear….belonged to Mother and has a bow of white hearts around the neck of the jar. I try to add a little something in almost every post that belonged to her.



He looks really happy among the pretties.



I added this photo  because it really speaks Spring.  It is hanging in my breakfast area.


“Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?” – Neltje Blanchan

Davis, I say the answer is no to this question.  We can smell it and feel it but we can’t quite describe this time of year that God spoke into being.  Let’s feel the warmth on our skin and smell the fragrance that words fail to describe.

Thank you, friends for your visit.


7 thoughts on “Davis, we can smell and feel it..Spring that is!

  1. Diane, Davis had the sweetest question, what precious grands! I love your table for four with the beautiful dinner plates and pink glasses. The rabbit is so perfect for a prelude to spring and I love that you try to include something that belonged to your mother. I do that so often. Lovely post! Blessings and hugs~

    1. Thank you sweet friend. These children bless my life and many times are my inspiration for a post. I wish you could see these plates. They really are beautiful. Much love.

  2. Oh my! Special post ………..the feel, the taste, the sight of our earth’s rebirth. Davis and Maddie are ready for this. Well now, this Mr Bunny on your table is just waiting for his other friends to join him. They could have a garden tea party right there on your dining room table! Love your floral plates and Spring green color place mats.

    1. Oh, yes, Connie the rabbits will be out soon. Davis really surprised me with this question and he had this cute little smile. I too love these colorful plates. Much love my friend.

  3. So pretty! Davis is right..we CAN smell it! The floral design is perfect to usher Spring in a few weeks early. With your Mother’s mason jar as an accompaniment, the table is extra special.

    1. Alycia, you get it too! We can smell Spring. I pray you are doing well and that your pain is more controlled. Want to see you back on Kansas City laughing with the hosts. Much love.

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