Kissimmee Trip Part I

Love forgets mistakes…holds onto the good…looks into the heart of who you are….Love helps you laugh, to see the lighter side, the brighter side, the glass half full.  Love makes your whole life sing.  You are the love of my life and your love makes my whole world sing.  Anniversary card from Bob

Hi Friends,

Bob and I just spent a week in Florida in celebration of our anniversary.  The temperatures were in the low 80’s and perfectly beautiful every day.  We met my brother and Dora and had a wonderful time. I want to share some of the beauty that captured my attention in and around Kissimmee.  We also visited the Harry P. Leu Gardens and I will post Phase II tomorrow.


The huge live oaks are everywhere.  They look like old men with flowing white beards.


IMG_0011 (2).JPG


Native palms and ferns were lush and green…a little like paradise.



Flowers blooming everywhere…




We went to Disney Springs one evening and the moon was close to full. Looked beautiful behind this blooming tree.



IMG_0001 (2).JPG

Azaleas in full bloom.



IMG_0013.JPG  Gordon and Dora just came off a cruise and joined us for the week.  We are very grateful to them for helping us locate this beautiful resort and the fun we had together. Thank you for your visit.



4 thoughts on “Kissimmee Trip Part I

  1. Dianne, Happy Anniversary to you and Bob! It looks like you had a beautiful trip with wonderful weather. Yours photos are lovely, I love the photo of you guys. We are expecting a freeze this week, so I am sure you are too. Hopefully it won’t do too much damage! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Thanks Bonnie. We had beautiful weather but came home to cold temperatures. Snow flurries this morning but not expecting any more. Have a blessed day.

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