Happy Halloween

Hi friends, I am looking forward to seeing my beautiful little munchkins tonight.  I live in a neighborhood that has many children visiting for Halloween.  I put up a few inviting decorations so they feel welcome.  Maddie and her best friend and families have dinner here and then go visiting my neighbors for a short…Read more »


“Do this in remembrance of me.” the words of our Lord Hi Friends, About 40 years ago when I was a very young woman, I attended Biltmore United Methodist Church.  A lady named Eugenia Gibson did the most beautiful cornucopias for our church.  I would just be awed when I walked into the sanctuary.  Totally…Read more »

A touch of Fall

Hi Friends, This is where I live y’all…..in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  The mountains speak of this beautiful season of Fall…not in big ways but in small day to day changes.  I savor all the good things that God provides. Take a pictorial journey with me…. How beautiful our flag among the color.…Read more »

Allure of Autumn

Allure-the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating Hi friends, I had a moment last evening that resulted in this table display of my beautiful velvet pumpkins, my dried hydrangeas and various other little treasures that reside here.  When I first saw velvet pumpkins on Pam and Bonnie’s blogs, I thought they were…Read more »

Wild Autumn

May this warm autumn season bring you endless JOY.   I hope you are having a great Saturday.  I have set a small table for four on my back porch that includes bowls that are called “Wild Autumn”.  Pull up a chair and join me.  Love love this table cloth with this beautiful border.  The top…Read more »