The Prayer of St. Patrick

The Prayer of St. Patrick The strength of God pilot us, the wisdom of God instruct us, the hand of God protect us, the word of God direct us.   May the Word of God direct us. Each petal on the shamrock brings a wish your way……Good Health and Happiness for today and every day.…Read more »


Hi friends, Sunday was a glorious day here.  The sun was out all day, the temperature was perfect and I took the afternoon to go through my garden.  I cut back some of the leaves from my helleborus that had frozen.  Thankfully they survived the cold.  I pulled leaves away from some of the plants. …Read more »

Beauty of fresh produce

Hi friends, Sometimes grocery shopping is such a joy and sometimes a chore depending on the time I have available. I recently returned from Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s with beautiful produce, fruit, flowers, etc.  I put this bag in a dining room chair before putting everything away.  I thought “how beautiful” these items are…Read more »

Spring Vignette

Good morning friends, After I did my last post, I still had these beautiful flowers so I decided to do a Spring vignette using this arrangement.  Today Bob and I celebrate our anniversary.  God has always been the center of our lives and I am grateful for Bob.  We have no special plans as we…Read more »

Thoughts of Spring

Hurry up Spring.  Life is unpredictable and it changes with the seasons. Even your coldest winters and rainy days happen for the best of reasons. Though it feels eternal, I promise Spring is coming and with it green leaves, blooming flowers and birds building their nests. Thank you Lord for all the reasons for all…Read more »