What brings you JOY?

“I believe that true JOY is a gift from God.” Hi friends, What brings you JOY?  The magic of living and the joy of life often surrounds us.  We miss out when we are not aware of the simple little things that matter the most. For me it is a lot of little things….the hug…Read more »

Chasing Butterflies and Bears 2021

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”   Maya  Angelou Hi friends, I admit I have been chasing butterflies even though I realize if I just quietly tend my garden I am most likely to have them join me in the garden. …Read more »

Zinnias and Butterflies

Expect the unusual! Expect the butterflies to light on your shoulder! Expect miracles! Expect a blessing! Expect God to be near! Expect JOY! Hi friends. Last year I had a beautiful garden of zinnias but this year I did not plant zinnia seed.  I made a quick trip to Flying Cloud Farm today which is…Read more »


Hi Friends, SOMETIMES  you just need to set a sweet table at 3 PM and sip a cup of tea with someone you love.  Listen to the birds sing.  Watch the flowers bloom. Be awed by God’s beautiful world. In an everchanging world, taking time to be still seems like a unique idea.  We did…Read more »

Yellow is the color of Summer

“Love deeply and Trust God” – Dianne Hi sweet friends, As usual, I am spending lots of time in the garden.  I have quite the history in photos and refer to them to decide when I think flowers are suppose to bloom.  This, however,  has been a very unusual season and there are some things…Read more »