Finding JOY in the Journey

“Look, I am about to do something new.”  Isaiah 43:19

Hi Friends,

  I have a friend that every time we say goodbye, she says “Find JOY in your Journey”.  The last few years have challenged me to do just this.   Living with JOY means paying attention to the beautiful moments of life.

I try to pay attention to the world around me, the beauty of it and all its blessings.

I live a simple life.  I enjoy a single bloom of a flower, the song of a bird or the promise of a rainbow. Finding beauty and JOY in the things around you is a life changing habit.

This is a very old glider that I inherited from Mother…old and loved for two generations and probably longer.   I “throw” a throw and pillow on it and it speaks JOY.  The church birdhouse was a gift I gave Mother and now belongs in my garden.  Laughter is so good for our hearts.  Mother and I used to say the birds that lived in this house got a good dose of religion.

The butterflies are always flitting around my head.  SIMPLE JOY

More JOY

I love the evolution of the sunflower.  Each stage has its own beauty just like life and its many stages.  

I make my bed every day.  I know you are asking what does this have to do with joy.  It is just a habit but one of those habits that provides contentment.

I love old barns.  They have stories to tell.  

I have certainly learned to enJOY the art of drinking coffee and sipping tea.  Most of the time I have a bouquet of flowers sitting next to me.

   The best moments of life are those spent with family and friends.  There is no substitute for this kind of JOY.  AND, Yes, this is my friend that always says find JOY in your journey.








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  1. I love this post, Dianne. We keep our eyes open to God’s blessings and joy is easy to see. So many beautiful blessings of family, friends, and your beautiful garden bring much joy to you and to me as you share!

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