I have been given the gift of JOY

Hi friends,

 I am thankful I have been given the gift of JOY.   My garden has been and remains one of the great joys in my life. Many times in my garden, a breeze will ruffle my hair and puffy white clouds will drift across the sky.  I relish my surroundings. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and I enjoy a quietness within.  I haven’t posted anything for a while but I’m anxious to get back to my blog.  It is a tribute to my beloved Mother and I feel her right with me every time I write.  She inspired me to love flowers, to garden, to feed the birds, and have a Joyful heart. She taught me how to love unconditionally.  For all these things I am grateful.

This week I got a yearning for a tea party so I placed a table in the garden. 

I used this pitcher full of hydrangeas and roses to compliment the background and the teapot.

My little garden cherub is a place to hang my hat.  This sweet cherub has moved with me at least four times.  He is old but loved.  The birds love to perch on his head and view the landscape.

Mother’s sweet chair that she made is holding a pillow and a book entitled The Secret Garden. I love this book so much because it was a gift from my beloved friend Karen.  There are very few secrets in this garden.

This lace runner was a gift.  The detail is so beautiful to me.

Please notice this sweet cup with saucer and spoon.  It is a flower similar to a tulip and the saucer is a leaf.

Transplanted from Mother’s garden. A special Peony.

Bob calls it “Little Thelma” after my mother.

From my mother’s garden.  I have five plants and had probably fifty plus blooms.

These are a  few of the flowers that have already graced my garden in April and May.  This is just a small sampling.  The lilies are blooming, the dahlias are growing, the sunflowers look good and I hope my zinnias make it.  Mr. Sharpe planted two of his tomato plants where my zinnia seed were planted.

Remember to be in the flow of your life so you enjoy every stage and every moment. Don’t wait to celebrate because something isn’t finished or just like you want it. EnJOY the moment completely.  


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  1. Good morning, Dianne. I am so glad to see your post, I have missed you. How delightful to enjoy a tea party in your garden. So many beautiful blooms, the peonies are gorgeous as well as your arrangement. I would love to sit and enjoy your garden. Happy Sunday, dear one!

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