Come Sit on the Porch with Me

My Prayer for you.  I pray you will experience God’s peace today.  May His unfailing love and mercy take away all your fears and reassure you that everything will be okay.  He is with us always.

Hi Friends,

Front Porches were part of my childhood.  Long conversations with neighbors is a beautiful memory for me.  In the Old South large porches were seen everywhere.  People gathered, told stories, laughed and enjoyed days of pure Joy.   When we built this house, a front porch was something that I wanted to add to our home. We live on a small mountain with views of the mountains around us.  Our contractor knew how much the view meant to me.  The day they planned to establish exactly where the house would fit on the lot, he called me and ask that I come and tell him exactly where I wanted the porch.   I have loved every moment spent on this porch.  Little did I know that we would have a pandemic and I would meet family and friends on my front porch or the back porch.  Now, I want to invite you to spend a few minutes with me on my front porch. 

A porch is a place to spend gentle moments with the special people in your life.

I’ve done a little Spring decorating and I am ready for warm days and special moments with Bob and friends.

It was very difficult to get a full picture of my porch but this gives you some idea. My Japanese maples are beginning to bud and will be beautiful soon.

It is very spacious with comfortable seating.

During the pandemic, Bob and I would sit on the sofa and our guests on the other side of the porch. It was a God send during those days.

Just a little bunny therapy everywhere.  Pretty soon I will be seeing the real ones hopping through the garden.

I have set up a little table for tea.  Afternoon tea is a special event here.

I brought out the china for this table.  There is always treats to go along with tea.  

You can see a neighbor’s house in the distance and you can see the mountains also.


Thank you for your visit today.


2 thoughts on “Come Sit on the Porch with Me

  1. Dianne, I would be delighted to join you for tea on your front porch! It is beautiful and a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family. Thank you for sharing this special place that brings joy!

  2. Dianne, Your porch is very inviting. How lovely to have tea there regularly. I appreciate your mountain view.
    I so love how you have decorated your tea table and how attractive and comfortable your porch looks.
    Our porch is a haven for us all year round. We love being outside and when it is hot we add tacky fans. The ceiling fans are not enough in our summer heat! LOL!
    I was trying to figure out how to follow your blog and receive an email notification when you do a new blog post. Let me know if there is something I have missed.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love hearing from you. Bonnie

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