Leaves are Falling and Autumn is Calling

“In the garden autumn is indeed the crowing glory of the year.” – Rose C. Kingsley

Hi Friends,

On a crisp morning breeze, Autumn eases in to transfer the landscape.  The season’s incomparable radiance speaks of a new season filled with rich blessings.  Leaves are falling everywhere. With all that is going on in our world, I find myself  more intent than ever on appreciating the small blessings and moments of escape that nature brings. October is probably the prettiest month here in the mountains of WNC.  The skies are brilliant blue, the days are mild and leaves of autumn are brilliant and beautiful.

Decorating for the season can be as simple as placing a plump orange pumpkin on an old wreath and adding a book that was the inspiration for this post.

My swing draped with a cozy throw and soft pillow invites repose.  The invitation is quickly accepted as I can see my entire garden from this location. JOY!

I understand that photos should be pristine and beautiful but this is how I live…always working in the garden, trimmings removed to the fire pit to be taken away later.  I did add a beautiful throw and pillows for our chairs.  Leaves everywhere!

The leaves dancing and falling are so beautiful to me.  We have some large trees so we will be seeing these leaves for months.

I love this duo.  Most of us can remember our children and their beloved pets.  I rarely showcase them with my garden pics because they are located in this area where there are very few blooms. Just another small pumpkin and they are ready for the season.

This is another area of my garden that I usually reserve for tablescapes.  I just added a beautiful bouquet of leaves in this beautiful pot and another pumpkin.

In the midst of change and challenge, I find refuge in God’s amazing Creation.  Thank you for joining me in the garden.



2 thoughts on “Leaves are Falling and Autumn is Calling

  1. Dianne, what a lovely post on this late October day! I know I could sit in that swing for hours and watch the falling leaves! Your garden is a respite from our troubled world. May God bless your day, my friend!

  2. Diane, This post is beautiful. Your swing is calling me. Love your pillow and sweet vignette on the table by the swing. I agree with Pam, I would enjoy sitting in your swing. I know we would have not trouble finding things to talk about.
    I can’t seem to catch up these days. Your comments recently on my blog posts were appreciated very much. Your were so kind to take the time to comment.
    Have a lovely weekend. I’m glad for sunshine today. It has turned cold but it is time.

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