In Celebration of Autumn

Why do we create?  Why do we celebrate a new season?  For me,  it is divinely inspired.  All of our idyllic pursuits…the desire for peace, justice, happiness, beauty and truth are divinely motivated and inspired.  Part  of it is mutual giving and receiving, and most importantly, a  need and a hope to put something good into the world. It is my desire to put something good into a hurting world. 

Hi Friends,

You are cordially invited to my first celebration of Autumn.  This is always my first creation of this beautiful season.   Traditions are very important  to me and there are a couple of things I do every year that adds JOY to me and brings the seasons inside our home.    At Christmas I always do a Williamsburg Tree and in the Fall I fill this little bucket with hydrangeas from my garden, goldenrod from a neighbor’s field and apples and pumpkins from my local grocery store.  Every year they always look a little different.

I feel JOY in the air as I remember the September Song..  “Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow. Then follow, follow, follow.”  I think I have driven Bob crazy playing this song.

I have  this galvanized bucket which says Autumn, Fall, Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins and Harvest. It sits on one of my grapevine wreaths,  It looks very woodsy like bringing the outdoors inside. 

My limelight hydrangeas were beautiful until we had extreme weather conditions of heavy rain and wind.  They were blown down but not destroyed.  They are still beautiful in my arrangements, 

I bought a few pumpkins from a roadside vendor.  Bob and I will visit Grandad’s Farm very soon and I will load up the back of our SUV.

I always place this on the table on my back porch where I can see it through my kitchen window. 

A little corner in my kitchen that says Happy Autumn.

This is from last year.  A little different but much the same.

I just love seeing this through my kitchen window.

Traditions contributes a sense of comfort. They provide a sense of meaning to our lives. Creating is such a part of my DNA.  It provides much JOY during the hardest of times. 

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