Capturing Beautiful Summer

Beautiful days, beautiful blooms, beautiful  spots to relax, the old, the new, and sometimes the unexpected.  I am celebrating the last beautiful days of Summer before welcoming my favorite season Fall.

Hi Friends,

If you are like me, you thought things were moving toward some normalcy  and we would be having gatherings and planning for holidays to come.  For several months I had more pep in my step.  The last week or so  we have had unbelievable rainfall, a hurricane that has brought  death and destruction in the Gulf States, a new Covid Variant, and other sad news.  I often say “my every thought is a prayer”.   I do want to share some of my late Summer pretties with you.  Grab a glass of tea and here we go…

My patio is a source of Joy for me.  I drapped a throw and a couple of pillows on Mother’s old glider, added some fresh flowers and Mother’s old birdhouse….a little late sunlight beaming through and I am one happy girl.

Some of my potted plants have really enhanced my garden area and my hosta makes a lovely border.

I could be found in this spot with a book most any day.

We have loved our chairs with the new paint color.  I almost painted them purple.  Bob was good with the green.(Ha)

I am not going to complain about my hydrangeas but six of my Endless Summer did not bloom. This hydrangea paniculata  has just bloomed.

This beautiful “Burst of Joy” rose is still blooming and has a few more buds.

The rain and wind laid these on the ground but I have a few still blooming.  What an absolute JOY.

My limelight hydrangea has been amazing but it was taken down by the wind and heavy rains.  I will have lots for Fall arrangements.

I have seen nothing like these.  Their head measures 9 inches across.

and this color!

The sedum have suffered from some kind of fungus.  The ones blooming are pretty.

Lots of salvia for the butterflies.

A hint of Fall…

Fall is my favorite season!

Life is Beautiful!  We only have to open our eyes!

Thanks for coming along.

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