What brings you JOY?

“I believe that true JOY is a gift from God.”

Hi friends,

What brings you JOY?  The magic of living and the joy of life often surrounds us.  We miss out when we are not aware of the simple little things that matter the most. For me it is a lot of little things….the hug of a child or grandchild, the little moments with Bob, a call from a friend, a butterfly flitting about, a flower about to bloom, the song of a bird, a breathtaking sunrise or sunset,  Everyday life filled with JOY filled moments!

JOY- the song of a bird.

JOY…watching a flower unfold from a tiny seed,

JOY-Chasing butterflies!

JOY-a peaceful stream!

JOY-a view of these beautiful mountains!

JOY-a dozen perfect roses from Bob!

JOY-every moment together!

JOY- the embrace of my daughter.  

JOY-the laughter of a child!

JOY-a hug from a grandchild!

JOY-A yogurt treat with my grandson!

WOW!  Tall and handsome! My sweet accomplished grandson.

JOY-Friends and Family!  

They take Miss Charlee everywhere they go!

She is a beauty and loves to see her children row!

Maddie and her team won silver at their first regatta!

Find the JOY, call a friend, write a note, be in awe of God’s Great Creation, play, laugh, sing for JOY.  Thank you sweet friends.  I wish you JOY every day of your life.


One thought on “What brings you JOY?

  1. Your post brings me great joy, Dianne. So much to be thankful for and you have shared an abundance of God’s richest blessings! May we see joy in the simple things. Happy Sunday my friend.

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