Zinnias and Butterflies

Expect the unusual! Expect the butterflies to light on your shoulder! Expect miracles! Expect a blessing! Expect God to be near! Expect JOY!

Hi friends.

Last year I had a beautiful garden of zinnias but this year I did not plant zinnia seed.  I made a quick trip to Flying Cloud Farm today which is less than one half mile from my house.  They provide a container and you fill up your cup with flowers.   Bob and I had a wonderful time on the farm filling my container and the bees and butterflies were everywhere.  As soon as I returned I  arranged the zinnias in two matching jars.  To my great delight as soon as I put them on the table, a beautiful swallowtail began to feed on the nectar.  Wow! Heart beating fast! Will it stay? YES!

I knew I wanted to do an outdoor table using these beautiful zinnias but to my surprise a beautiful swallowtail joined us,

I am using my yellow dinner plates by  Royal Doulton called Gordon Ramsay Maze.  The napkins are Kate Spade.  Flatwear by World Market.

They love the yellow nectar of the zinnia.

I honestly was just beside myself with this development.  I need to expect these little everyday miracles.  I call them God winks.

The tall bird is something I picked up at Pier I before they went out of business,

These salad plates are Certified International and called “Country French.”  Pasta with shrimp  should go in these bowls.  Bob would agree.

Embrace the unexpected! Enjoy the beauty! Be a light for all to see! Expect JOY!


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