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SOMETIMES  you just need to set a sweet table at 3 PM and sip a cup of tea with someone you love.  Listen to the birds sing.  Watch the flowers bloom. Be awed by God’s beautiful world. In an everchanging world, taking time to be still seems like a unique idea.  We did not have “Tea Parties” when I was growing up, but on Sunday afternoons after church and lunch, Mother would put together crackers with cheese and a few sweet treats and a pitcher of ice tea or lemonade.  Our little family was called together to participate. This happened every Sunday as I was growing up.  I have to believe it was her idea of a tea party.  It fills my heart with gladness to remember this.

On one of our sunny afternoons this week I decided there must be a table for tea in my garden.

Sweet Grace, the swan, always makes the table a bit sweeter.  I picked her up at HomeGoods several years ago.  There is a reason she is named “Sweet Grace”….a reminder of God’s amazing grace when I see her.

The yellow and white  tablecloth is light and summery and looks good with the Shasta daisies.

I love blues in every shade.  Even though they don’t all match, they complement each other. Isn’t that what life should be?  A mix of color, and hue, and poetry and rhyme.  I think so. SOMETIMES anyway!

My last blog post proclaimed that yellow was the color of summer.  You would just have to see my dahlias to understand why.

I love this little pillow.  It speaks my language: “Green Grass and Blue Skies”, “Summer Breeze”. “Backyard Oasis”, “Flower Petals”, “SUMMER”, “Watching Clouds Float”, and what about butterflies, birds, and dragonflies! I feel one with nature.

Summer flowers from my garden and some from Trader Joe’s in an aqua pot that I love.

SOMETIMES its just a good idea to set a table and be with someone you love! Just my sweet Bob and me!


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