Yellow is the color of Summer

“Love deeply and Trust God” – Dianne

Hi sweet friends,

As usual, I am spending lots of time in the garden.  I have quite the history in photos and refer to them to decide when I think flowers are suppose to bloom.  This, however,  has been a very unusual season and there are some things very late. 

I have pretty much concluded that summer is the color yellow.  It’s time for dahlias and sunflowers and Shasta daisies, all of which I have blooming or getting ready to bloom. The sunflowers are very tall but no blooms yet. I have nine hydrangeas that have not bloomed.

I am always decorating my swing with colors of the season,  I move “Sweet Grace” and enjoy sitting here with a glass of tea.  I can see most of my garden from this vantage point.

These large dahlias are just beginning to bloom.  They are suppose to be 9-10 inches in diameter.  I can’t imagine!  It is called Kelvin Floodlight.

There are some little insects that love these!

This smaller dahlia just keeps blooming and blooming. Love it!

My lilies keep blooming and blooming,  They came from my Mother’s garden which makes them extra special.

The Shasta daisies escaped a big black bear sitting on top of them.

Bob is unhappy with his tomatoes but I spied this one this morning and we both love fried green tomatoes.  One of my friends has suggested a batter for me so I am ready for fried green tomatoes.

My compact rose hanging baskets have been so beautiful.  I thought they deserved a place on this post.

Thank you for your visit.  Keep loving deeply and Trust God.


One thought on “Yellow is the color of Summer

  1. Dianne, the swing invites one to come in and drink of the beauty of your garden. The yellow dahlia is gorgeous in its happy color. My lilies are finished blooming, but yours from your mom’s garden are beautiful. I didn’t know that you have bears on your property, Yikes!!!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

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