God bless this garden through which your glory shines.  May we see in its beauty the wonder of your Love.

Hi friends,

I haven’t spent time on my blog this past month but have spent so many happy hours working in my garden.  Bob has spent so much time helping me paint, stain, plant and enjoy the beauty of our labor.  This should be all about peonies but I decided to include different areas of the garden and showcase what I have blooming.  The garden is ever changing and I love all the different seasons and transitions my garden makes.  Take a deep breath when you see the first photo.  You can almost smell the fragrance of this beautiful peony.  These were all transplanted from my Mother’s garden.

. This is a David Austin rose that Bob thought I must have.   It is an English rose called JOY.

It has been true JOY!

These sweet Iris are blooming and I love the color.  My bearded iris was hurt by the frost and did not bloom.

This is a transplant from Mother’s and it is very different from my other peonies.  Very excited for it to bloom.

The knockouts are blooming and blooming.

This is another David Austin rose.  It is a climber.

We have so many places to relax and enjoy our garden.  This includes a glider and bench.

I love these quilts that Mother made with her beautiful hands.  It is appropriate to have a pillow with these birds.  They all frequent my garden daily.

We moved these beautiful planters to the patio.  They are about 40 years old and look pretty in their new home.

Bob and I painted our Adirondack chairs this beautiful shade of green.  We have a firepit we enjoy also.

Bob stained the swing and it looks very inviting.

Home is definitely where we are!

Thank you for your visit and may God richly bless each and everyone.



4 thoughts on “GARDEN JOY May 2021

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Gardens are definitely a labor of love. This year the peonies have done wonderful.❤️

    1. Linda, I am so sorry I failed to respond. So happy you might follow my blog. It is a tribute to my Mother who passed in 2015.

  2. Dianne, I so enjoyed my walk in your garden. The peonies are so beautiful along with the roses! How special to have plants that were in your precious mom’s garden. Gardening is hard work, but rewards us and surprises us. Blessings sweet friend!

  3. Dianne, I loved your garden. The first pictures of your peonies were breathtaking. They are luscious and so beautiful! You are truly blessed to be able to grow them.
    All your flowers are so healthy and pretty. I can’t grow roses either. Yours are very pretty.
    Your garden swing, glider, and styling throughout are so nice.
    I loved seeing your picture at the end. It is so nice to visualize you now.
    Have a blessed week.

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