Pink Roses

I have loved you with an everlasting Love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.   Jeremiah 31:3

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my blog post in celebration of LOVE and JOY.  Joy has been the central theme of my blog.   God’s love is infinite and eternal.  Today and every day is cause for JOY.

Bob chose these ruffled pink roses for me.   They are so perfectly beautiful.  I pulled out Mother’s beautiful white pitcher.  They did not need filler or other flowers.  They were perfectly beautiful and they have given me such Joy.  Just roses…..

Conveying thoughtfulness, passion, and showing a symbol of affection, they make a perfect statement for Valentines.

They were the first color rose cultivated since pink roses are most common in the wild.

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace and JOY.

During the Victorian era, the pink rose was used to to decorate everything from wallpaper to greeting cards.

I made this little cake for us to enjoy.  This is a two layer cake and I now wish I had made a four layer cake to accompany these beautiful roses.  We both love strawberries and strawberry cake is even better.

Victorian poets romanticized the colors in their writings.  I have several teapots with pink roses.  I do love all things Victorian.

A warm Biltmore tea for afternoon relaxation and enjoyment.

I do think this bouquet deserves a little fanfare by my sweet trumpeter!

Of course, these roses have me thinking about my garden and my different varieties that bloom all summer long.

These roses have kept me swooning all week.  I don’t know when I have enjoyed a bouquet anymore than these stand alone pink roses.  Such JOY they have provided me and I just had to write about them.  I wish everyone days of sunshine, love and JOY.


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  1. The pink roses are beautiful, Dianne. I love the different ways you accented them with your teapot, trumpeter, and best of all that delicious looking strawberry cake. Wishing you and Bob a most lovely Valentine’s Day! ♥️♥️

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