Let It Snow!

Joy to the World.  The Lord has come. The birth of Jesus is unmistakable evidence that you can take heart even in the  most impossible situations…because God always fulfills His promises. I pray that you would give us JOY to fill our days, peace to fill our hearts and love to fill our lives.

Hi Friends,

Old Man Winter has been here.  It has snowed twice in the last few weeks.   We awoke to a beautiful blanket of white on Christmas morning.    It snowed again this week.  I’ve loved every moment.  I don’t get to visit my family except by zoom, facetime, and photos.  The pandemic has forced us to make decisions that are life changing.  I hope you will indulge me this time.

This is my granddaughter, Maddie, with her puppy enjoying the snow.

She is a Boston Terrier and so darling.  Had to have a cuddly nap after playing in the snow.

My snow angel…my beautiful angel every day!

This is a beautiful photo of the snow that I got recently driving toward Wolf Laurel.

Black Mountain yesterday,  so very beautiful!

A frozen creek near my home.

Snow capped mountains is truly a beautiful sight.

My backyard got quite a covering.

I could not resist taking the red sled for a photo.

I have two of these on my fence and Old Man Winter assisted me this year with decorating.

We are reminded by Your Amazing Grace that every day is new, fresh and bursting with Love, from here to eternity.  Thank you Lord.











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  1. Maddie has really grown, she is beautiful, so please share away, I love seeing your family. The snow pictures are magical, there is a very small chance we could get a little snow in the morning, probably just rain. God is faithful and He is sovereign. Sending lots of love!

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