Quintessential Game

“Above all, put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity,”  Colossians 3:14

Hi Friends,

I know so little about “deer season” but as I was growing up, my Dad loved to go on an annual deer hunt with friends. It was nothing that my Mother and I particularly enjoyed even knowing about.  I see them as  elegant creatures that are to be appreciated for their extraordinary beauty. Quintessential means representing the most perfect example of a quality or class. I have done a fall table using my large brass deer that I usually bring out at Christmas time to go with my “Quintessential Game” plates.

I gave the deer a little scarf that matches the napkins.  They are a beautiful compliment to the floral cloth.

I have had this beautiful tablecloth for several years.  It has large fall flowers.  I have also used my green placemats as a foundation for my plate stack. 

I used my white dinner plates by  Crown Victoria called “Lovelace” and salad plates “Quintessential Game” by Queen’s made in England.

He looks very cute in his new scarf and is right at home on this table.

I used my gold stemware  and Ralph Lauren glasses.

I think this would be a wonderful Thanksgiving table but also a special Fall table.  Thank you for joining me.




One thought on “Quintessential Game

  1. Dianne, this is a beautiful autumn table. The gold deer are perfect as is the lovely tablecloth. I can never get enough pumpkins, they just sing fall. The Queens plates are so wonderful, are they new? I don’t remember seeing them before. This would be a fabulous Thanksgiving table my friend. Happy Wednesday!

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