Butterflies and Limelight Hydrangeas

God, you are my strength in times of weakness and my shelter in life’s storms.  Teach me to rely on You to display Your glory in all circumstances.

Hi friends,

My photos for this post were all taken on this past Sunday.  Sunday morning started out differently for sure.  Around 8 AM as I sat reading my devotion and having my coffee there was a very loud noise.  Bob was still sleeping and the sound was so loud I thought he had fallen against the wall and perhaps had a heart attack.  I ran to the bedroom to find him still sleeping through what I would soon learn was an earthquake 90 miles away.  It was a 5.1 earthquake and the ground definitely moved.  The day got much better…….


I have seen very few butterflies until just recently but this morning there were several that I kept watching.


My limelight hydrangeas are just magnificent growing to great heights and blooms the size of a football.


Just love the sky photo on this beautiful day.



I really had to chase this one down.  He kept going from my garden to my neighbor’s garden but I prevailed.  



This is my knee wall and this hydrangea sits right behind it.



Reaching toward the sky….


I actually had a few moments today that I forgot that we are in a pandemic.  I got so absorbed in photographing these beautiful butterflies that I drifted back into my relaxed mindset… a gift for a bit.


Just heavenly…


I have really been working  in my garden putting down pine straw and pruning those plants that have already provided much joy.  It has a dressed up look and I will share more later.  You can see lots of new pine straw.



I will long remember this day that started with an earthquake and ended with such JOY.  


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  1. Dianne, I heard about the earthquake, so frightening. Your limelights are beautiful, and it is so much fun chasing butterflies. It was worth your running around. I love the photo of you, so pretty and charming. Happy Tuesday!

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