Biltmore July 19, 2020

It is up to me to see the beauty of everyday things. There is beauty offered to  each and everyone of us, every single day, no matter our circumstances, if we make ourselves available to it.  I was powerfully reminded of that today.

Hi friends,

This has been one happy and peaceful afternoon.  Bob and I are annual pass holders at Biltmore.  We decided to go to a place today where we can relax and cruise through one of the most beautiful and serene places on this earth. Thankfully this is only a few miles from our home. This will be a three part post as there is so much beauty to share.  On this particular day we did not go to the gardens but oh the beauty everywhere.


It is always a joy to enter through this beautiful gatehouse.


The day started with temperatures near 90 but by the time we got to Biltmore it came a little rain and it had cooled off some.  Bob put on beautiful music, we rolled down our windows, the breeze blew my hair and I felt like I was in paradise.  The trees make a canopy as you drive through the estate.  


One of the waterfalls on the estate.


Still lakes and green lush trees…..


The Canadian geese were sitting on the bank of the lake.  Stately looking on this day for sure.


Maybe not too stately…..


The kayakers had a wonderful day for this activity.


I have been waiting anxiously for this day……..the sunflowers are blooming in all their glory.  A lot more about them tomorrow.


They seemed to be attached at the hip and ignored us today.  Very beautiful.  I think they were enjoying the cool air also.


The wild turkeys were everywhere and one of them was struting his stuff.



I even caught this pot bellied pig looking for something for lunch. So cute!



There is something about these twisted branches  that speak to me loudly.  I find them very beautiful.  Perhaps the message is that no matter how twisted our world can get, God makes everything beautiful in His time.  


I rarely go into the mansion as I love the great outdoors and the amazing estate grounds.


The views were spectacular even on an overcast rainy day.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more beauty.  What an awesome day spent with Bob and this beautiful place.

See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Biltmore July 19, 2020

  1. Wonderful!! A great afternoon vacation only 20 minutes away. Dianne, you captured impeccable beauty in all these photos! My favorite would have to be the graceful Canadian geese. The drive through the estate very peaceful.

  2. Dianne, thank you for the beauty of the gorgeous grounds of Biltmore. How wonderful that you live so close that you can visit anytime. My sunflowers are in bloom, and I will be looking forward to your upcoming post of the Biltmore sunflowers! Have a wonderful week!

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