July Garden Update

As the psalmist writes, “Weeping may tarry for the night, but JOY comes with the morning,” Psalm 30:5 

Hi friends,

Since starting my little garden about four years ago, I have found it an adventure.  Things change from year to year.  Flowers bloom at different times. The growing season depends so much on weather conditions and other factors.  My photos from year to year tells me a bit about when a particular flower might bloom but that could be so different from year to year.  My garden is filled with transplants from Mother’s gardens which make it so very special.  From Spring to Summer, I have a bit of pause as spring flowers stop blooming and summer blooms are weeks behind. Summer is catching up a bit.

IMG_0003 (1)

As I was going through this pause, I enjoyed watching my grasses grow bigger than last year.  I love them in the fall where I can place a pumpkin or use as backdrop for an outdoor table.


It wasn’t long before these beautiful lilies began to strut their stuff.  They are almost like velvet.


The “parade day” rose is going to bloom again. 


You can see my sedum is coming along and will begin to bloom in several weeks. I have eight of these and they put on a beautiful show.  They have grown into large plants.


These beautiful compact roses bloomed and then totally stopped.  They are blooming again and are breathtaking.  I have really enjoyed my container plants.


I have different varieties of hydrangeas and this one is beginning to bloom.





These “Endless Summer” hydrangeas just keep blooming and blooming.  I love this shade of blue.


My container plants have done really well and brought color to my patio and joy in my heart.


The sweet girl and her kitty have stories and secrets to share.  They are probably saying “what is that crazy woman doing now?”


My swing is such a precious place in my garden.  I decorate it with different pillows and throws.  I can see much of my garden from this spot.



Another view of my sedum starting to bloom.


I see all kind of work to be done.  My yellow daylilies are all dying down and need some serious attention.



I thought I had lost these new hydrangea plants. I planted them too early and we had a real cold spell.  They are coming back.


The hostas make a nice border for our patio and they have really grown.


IMG_0008 (1)

IMG_0003 (1)

What a gift it is to have a garden.  During these days of Covid 19, it really has been a source of JOY for me.  I feel a harmony with Nature…a quiet sanctuary in which to retreat for a bit of fresh air and contemplation.



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  1. Dianne, your summer garden is really showing out! There are so many gorgeous blooms. I planted sedum a couple of years ago and high winds took them out, I never replanted. Maybe I should! A garden provides so much during this time. Happy Friday my friend!

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