A Romance with Paris

I have a deep appreciation for the French lifestyle.  The French lifestyle is all about savoring the small moments, being in the moment, choosing quality over quantity and squeezing every last bit of pleasure possible. It is elevating everyday routines into something really special.  The French style is one of understated elegance.  Being well read and cultured is an extremely important part of French lifestyle.  They value learning.  Learning can be a pleasure and an adventure that is available to us every day.  

Hi friends,

I bought these beautiful plates years ago because I thought they were so beautiful and because I wanted something French to go with my French attitude of turning a regular day into an extraordinary one…little moments….blasts of beauty…a bird singing….a butterfly darting from bush to bush…listening to the laughter of a child…talking to a good friend… like times spent in my garden.  Every day I devote myself to learning something new.       A Paris tablescape…..


This is the dinner plate with the salad plate by Certified International called Parisian Floral. Purchased on sale at Dillards about 14 years ago.


The dinner plate is 11 inches square with a dragonfly to go with the beautiful floral pattern.  The black and white border is so beautiful.



The pitcher that matches the dinnerware is so beautiful.  I decided to use the black and white pot for more contrast as a centerpiece. 


My table is set in my breakfast area with my pineapple back chairs, the symbol of hospitality.


Using a pink/green napkin combo with my pearl napkin rings.  I have put the utensils together to make a more balanced look.  I have learned it is OK to do this sometimes.  Paris style can be very versatile. 


The vintage etched goblets are from my late MIL, Hazel Sharpe.


The Paris style is one of understated elegance.




Sight…we first eat with our eyes…then touch, smell and taste which together anchor ambiance.


I have used my vintage white tablecloth which I love so much.






bon appetit


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  1. Dianne, this might be my favorite tablescape that you have shared. The Parisian dinnerware from Dillard’s many years ago is beautiful and definitely romantic. I don’t remember seeing these in one of your previous tablescapes? The French do know how to slow down and enjoy special moments…that special joie de vivre! Happy Thursday my friend!

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