Cherished and Challenging Moments

God’s Promise:  God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow or sun without rain.  But God did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and a light for the way.  And for all who believe in His kingdom above, He answers their faith with everlasting Love.  (a little plaque I gave to Mother-no author)

Hi friends,

Gardening may be hard work, but gardening is a labor of love.  I have been busy in my garden this morning and I could not resist the urge to make photos and share them once again. Hope you might enjoy….


Getting some tools together that I am going to need this morning….


Bob mowed the back yard this morning and then watered my garden.  I loved this photo showing my garden getting a huge drink of water.


Bob says some of my roses are as pretty as Biltmore but I don’t know about that.  I do know how loved they are and they keep giving and giving.



I try to create a garden that the birds and butterflies love also.  The hummingbirds just love the salvia (I call it hot lips) and I have two large bushes.




I love how the roses look with the droplets of water.


These are fading a bit but they are so beautiful.


This color of blue just takes my breath away.  Connie reminded me that blue hydrangeas are Alexandra Stoddard’s favorite.  My friend, Connie,  and I are fans of Alexandra Stoddard.



Knockouts are blooming and blooming bringing joy every day.




So peaceful with lots of shade….


In the distance you can see our firepit full of limbs to be burned.  A job for another day.  There are so many projects.  There is never an end to them.


The day lilies are the real show in the garden now.  You can see the salvia also which the hummingbirds love.


I am always decorating the swing with different pillows.  I love the center one.


A mason jar that says “FAITH”.


My three favorite magazines and my oversized coffee cup. 





All the hard work and time in the garden is rewarded with beautiful flowers and cherished moments.  This photo including a shovel, rake, trimmers, scissors, and plant food is just a few of the tools I need for working in my garden.  I put on lots of sunscreen, hat, and try to do most of my work early.  Temperatures have been in the mid 80’s this week. Hard work but oh the JOY!






2 thoughts on “Cherished and Challenging Moments

  1. Dianne, your garden is thriving and looks so fresh and healthy. The roses are gorgeous and the blue hydrangeas are my favorite. I love the photo of you preparing to work. I worked all day yesterday, but did not finish. Wishing you a lovely Sunday my friend!

  2. Dianne, I loved seeing a picture of you. Your garden is beautiful. I love the roses and that swing is wonderful. How enjoyable to relax and read your magazines with something refreshing in your mug. The pillows are very pretty.
    It has been raining all day off and on here on Tuesday. But we need the rain so I am enjoying the peaceful day.
    Hope you have a pleasant week.

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