Twists and Turns

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the Journey, not the destination.”  – Don Williams

Hi Friends,

Bob and I visited Ridgecrest recently.  Trying to return to the street we were traveling, we ended up in a beautiful small neighborhood. Bob said I am just twisting and turning trying to get back to the main street.  I was getting a lot of beautiful photographs so I told Bob I was going to call this Twists and Turns.


“I think of how life takes twists and turns, sometimes through sheer happenstance, sometimes through calculated decisions.  In the end, it can all be called fate, but to me, it is more a matter of faith.”  Emily Griffin


“Each of us may think we know exactly what we need to make us happy, what will be good for us, what will ensure we have our happy ending, but life rarely works out in the way we expect, and our happy ending may have all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, be shaped in all sorts of unexpected ways.” – Jane Green

IMG_0021 (2)

IMG_0027 (2)

Such vivid colors everywhere……


Azaleas in lots of colors in full bloom….

IMG_0029 (2)

IMG_0030 (2)

Pink and white dogwood and a combination of both.

IMG_0035 (2)

A beautifully landscaped garden with a red maple as the central point.



These small neighborhoods seem to have paid attention to every detail.



This is one of those times we loved our twists and turns and returned to the road that was familiar to us.   Right now I feel like our world is full of twists and turns that can be frighting, challenging, and full of heartbreak for so many.  Lord let us live so we will continue this Journey with JOY and faith in our hearts.


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