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Ecclesiastes 3:1   For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under Heaven; a time to plant…

Hi Friends,

I feel like every day I hear God’s voice speaking to me as we go through this crisis. Sometimes a thought runs through my mind that Mother or Dad have said.  I am always calmed by my beautiful daughter because she is always so calm and measured in everything she does. I serve a God that is Sovereign and he walks and talks with me.  My garden JOY……


Transplanted from Mother’s garden, my bearded iris are blooming.



My sleeping angel is always enjoying the sunshine.


The birds love their new birdbath.


The bleeding hearts are growing and growing.



I am waiting patiently for my peonies to bloom.


IMG_0001 (2)


My Japanese maples in the front are looking beautiful against the green shrub.




Lady Banks roses climbing the fence between Stephanie and me. It is really beautiful this year.



My helleborus are still blooming and growing.  Many of my friends call them Lenten Roses.


One of my wishes is to be able to buy my annuals for filler and for my pots, buy some dahlia seed, more zinnia seed,  and locate my ferns that are always found in my garden and porches.  NO COMPLAINING HERE.  Just a wish.

Lord, help me to trust YOU completely and not worry,  for You are my strength and JOY. These are difficult times and more seem to be looming ahead.  I want to leave them with you and remain in Your Presence.



2 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts

  1. What a delight to see your bearded irises transplanted from your Mother’s gardens, they are so beautiful! Your new bird bath will provide much enjoyment for you and the birds. I love Lenten roses, I need to plant some. Happy gardening my friend!

  2. Oh Dianne, your post is so refreshing and uplifting.
    I love your beautiful iris and what a joy you can grow peonies. So special.
    I love the shot of your birdbath with the cardinal. I spy a little fountain! Did you order that from Instagram or FB ads? I ordered one and haven’t received it and am afraid I have been scammed. When I inquired with the email to contact with questions a chinese company said it was being shipped. It has been longer than it should.
    Your japanese maples are lovely and your Lady Banks rose also. What a delight to view your garden today. Bonnie @livingwiththanksgiving. I am following you on Blog Lovin’.

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