The Breath of God

“The breath of God stirs to life the green and growing things that sleeps beneath the sod.  He breathes on me, and in each resurrected flower, the Living Christ I see.”  Myra Brooks Welch

Hi dear friends,

Each season has its role to play, and Spring assumes the great responsibility of restoring cheer and strength.  It emerges from winter with songs and flutes, buds and blossoms, bringing renewed hope and the solace of faith.


My helleborus are the first to bloom.


Replanted from my Mother’s garden, this blooms very early also.

IMG_0011 (2)

Daffodils provide their own special JOY.


We cannot ignore the greatness of all things in nature, with their aching beauty and dramatic annual rebirth.

IMG_0006 (1)


It is impossible  to close our eyes to the beauty unfolding around us each spring.  As Pam Richardson would say “If we don’t see all this beauty, we are just not paying attention.”



We certainly would be unable to shut out the birdsongs restounding from orchard and woodland, from dooryard to pasture, from field and fen.





Through soothing music, passionate and comforting words, and an abundance of faith, I have found more love and compassion than ever before, more room for thankfulness and gratefulness, for peace and the ever flowing Love of God.

Happy Sunday, Dianne



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  1. Dianne, what a lovely post of God’s creative Hand as He provides beauty for our eyes to behold. I can almost hear the birdsong and smell the heady fragrance of the hyacinths. Thank you for sharing the stunning scenes of spring. The photo of you is an extra blessing, you are radiant! Wishing you health during this time and finding ways to delight in all of God’s goodness.♥️🙏🏻

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