A little hiatus-Part I- The People

“LIVE YOUR LIFE AND FORGET YOUR AGE”  advice from my late MIL, Hazel Sharpe

Hi Friends,

January 31 was my last blog post.  Bob and I took almost the entire month of February for a trip to Florida and a Caribbean cruise with family and friends.  It was a very joyful time and we have all had separation anxiety after the fun times. We joined my brother Gordon and SIL, Dora, as well as Jim and Betty Alexander from Ohio.  Jim and Dora are first cousins.  You can tell this this going to be a tangled story already. The people in our lives add such joy to everything.


Part of our trip included a cruise on Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas.  Harmony is a good word because that would describe our group very well.


Here we are all together in Roatan, Honduras, one of the more beautiful spots in Honduras.  We all look a little haggard after the ride. No speed limit, no stop signs, no red lights and motorcycles weaving in and out between lanes. We are ready to enjoy the day.  We did a land voyage and a boat ride where the dolphins were swimming.


Gordon and Dora on our ride to see the dolphins.  


This is Jim and Dora, first cousins. I guess it is evident that he and Bob are going to hit it off well. Just a clue…


We are in the Bahamas where we found a shady spot on the beach and enjoyed wonderful food.  Bob and Jim sparred and teased each other the entire trip.  The beautiful Betty just smiles.


Jim listening to one of Bob’s stories.  They teased each other unmercifully.


Me and Brother Gordon at Disney Springs.


We are all wind blown but really laid back enjoying this time.


Well, Jim finally went into the water at the beach in CocoCay, Bahamas.


Bob and I had on our swim suits but did not get in the ocean.  “There are things in the ocean.” quote from Dora or Dianne


Gordon and Dora enjoying our spot at CocoCay, Bahamas.


Well, this boy, Bob….


and this guy, Jim, stayed in trouble the entire trip.


Gordon and Dora looking good for formal night on the ship.  The food and service was spectacular.



Jim and Betty at dinner looking good also.


A memorable trip filled with so many wonderful times. Thank you Dora for your attention to every detail and putting us all together.  My next blog will include the Places and the Beauty.  Thank you for your visit.


2 thoughts on “A little hiatus-Part I- The People

  1. Dianne, I have missed you blogging. But your break looks fabulous. To enjoy a cruise with family and friends is a perfect respite, especially in winter. Everyone looks like they had a marvelous time. Relaxation is a much needed time for all. I am so glad you had this time to enjoy sweet friend. I enjoyed my arm chair travel with you. Have a delightful week!

    1. Thank you precious friend. So glad you are better and had such a wonderful anniversary trip. Your friendship has touched my life in ways you will never know.

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