A Winter Table with a Story

“How many lessons of faith and beauty would we lose, if there were no winter in our year!”   Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Hi Friends,

I am doing a tablescape that I dearly love. I started doing this around January 5 and have been enjoying just looking at it for a while.  It brings back memories, both good and bad….lessons of faith and beauty!


I remember the first time I ever saw this plate. It was during Christmas of 2017.  I had spent the entire month in Columbia, S. C. sitting with my beloved MIL, Hazel Sharpe during the last month of her life. I came home for two days at Christmas and Connie emailed me her beautiful tablescape with these dishes. She knew I was extremely tired and heart broken.  She knew this would lighten my heart a bit.  Even dishes have stories to tell. There were no decorations at my house.


Of course I wanted them too and Connie went out on quite the search to make sure I had them.  She even had her sister in Memphsis on a search.



This year I found the Better Homes and Gardens full size dinner plates that match them. While picking them up, I went through the Christmas area and found these wonderful JOY ornaments.


I used a blue linen tablecloth that I love with winter tables.




My rabbit has been around a long time.  I think he and the trees work so nicely as a centerpiece as they almost mirror the plate.




May the JOY of the Lord reside in our hearts even in dark days.


My MIL, Hazel, lived 96 beautiful years witnessing for the Lord.  Connie and I have been friends almost all of our lives. She has the ability to know when and how to listen, respond and is such a blessing to me.  She has seen me through the saddest and happiest times always knowing what to do.  A friendship like this is made in Heaven and I am thankful for her every day.  

“How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year!”   Thomas Wentworth Higginson



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  1. What precious sentiments dear Dianne. Your beloved MIL must have been remarkable just as your friend Connie is. I love the tablescape, it is so pretty and weaves a beautiful story!

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