My Brother’s Birthday

Hi friends,

Today I am celebrating my brother’s birthday.  Gordon and I were born 13 months apart.  We have been particularly close through all stages of our life.  We were especially blessed to have been born to wonderful parents. Happy Birthday my sweet brother.


Here we are a little more than toddlers.  I feel blessed to have these photos.



Here we are in high school getting ready for our high school athletic banquet.  We both played basketball. This is the only thing where I might have surpassed him. (Ha)


A Christmas at Grove Park with our wonderful parents.


Gordon with his beautiful and talented wife.  I am so grateful to her.  She is more like my sister.


Gordon was always a great student, a hard worker, and a very good athlete.  He was an amazing son and wonderful brother.  He served in Vietnam.  He came back and graduated college cum laude.  He had a 30 year career as an auditor for the State of North Carolina. He and Dora live a wonderful life working in their church, traveling, and enjoying their family.


Bob and Gordon are like brothers…both accountants, both good story tellers and share common values.  Looks like they have captured someone on the cruise who likes their story telling.


On another one of our trips, Dora and I took a tour of this great bed and breakfast while they enjoy their stories.


Gordon and Dora on our cruise last year.

IMG_0003 (1).JPG

I just love this picture….


Gordon and I drooling over this beautiful car on the cruise ship.


We are in Florida with our spouses, then going on a cruise.


No words needed.


The four of us meet every third Sunday in each month for lunch which lasts about two hours.  We are planning another Florida/Cruise in February.  Gordon used to plan and fund beach trips with Mother and Dad and me.  Dora has taken the lead in keeping us together and planning our trips down to the last detail.

Happy Birthday sweet brother.  I am so blessed!


2 thoughts on “My Brother’s Birthday

  1. Dianne, what a sweet brother and sister relationship you two have. Happy birthday Gordon!

    My only sibling is a brother and we are very close and I love his wife as a sister. We are most blessed❤️

  2. Dianne, sister of mine. I could not have asked for a better birthday present than the blog as a tribute to me. We are certainly blessed. Thank you Pam for the Happy Birthday wish. I look forward to many more good times and can’t wait! I love you, Gordon.

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