Decking the Halls 2019

“I can never think about the cradle without thinking about the cross.” …Dianne

Hi friends,

Christmas brings back memories to me more than any other holiday or celebration. They are sometimes bittersweet as my parents made it so very special and ever once in a while I still struggle with these feelings of loss.  I would love to give you a little tour of parts of my home decorated until it is almost tacky.  One of my friends tells me that we are not through decorating until it is tacky.

IMG_3908 (1).JPG

My front door and every window is adorned with fresh wreaths and red ribbons that I make.  The wreath has evolved into a Christian tradition.


This is just inside my front door.  I got this from my friend Nikki’s consignment store about 6 years ago.  The picture on the other wall is reflecting in the mirror.


I bought this doll before my daughter was born….over 43 years ago. 


I have two large trees and about a half dozen small ones. It is adorned with many ornaments made for me or given to me.  My favorite ornament is one of Maddie’s pacifiers.


This handmade Santa and vintage horse has been with me as long as I can remember.


He is one of a kind made for me many years ago.  I was able to choose the fabric, fur and accessories.


My mantle is adorned with fresh greenery from my back yard, a handblown ornament, and the cross that Jenn gave me when we moved into this house. Oh yes, another Santa.


These handmade Santas look so real.  They  certainly are a part of my prized collection of Christmas decorations.

IMG_6733 (1).JPG

IMG_6626 (2).JPG

Maddie all snuggled in this beautiful throw that Connie gifted me.




My collection of Christmas classics are always stacked, tied with a bow and adorn my coffee table.


My sitting room has another large tree which takes on a whimsical feel. The throw is from Pottery Barn.




Heading toward the kitchen…..


My corner rack holds dishes, glassware and seasonal joys.




Looks beautiful in front of my secretary. I had room in the kitchen for the secretary, a prized piece.


This little numbered plate was given to me years ago by a friend who is now passed.  Her memory is a beautiful one!  Thank you for taking this little tour with me. 




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  1. Dianne, what a gorgeous tour of your beautiful home adorned for Christmas. I especially appreciate that your decorations have special memories attached. To me that is what the season is about and most importantly the hope of the world, Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Thank you for sharing the memories and wishing you and Bob a most joyous Christmas season❤️

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