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The Piece de resistance of the very charming and melodic depiction of the fanciful “little girl and boy land” was the song “Toyland”.  One of the first operettas that Victor Herbert would create, Babes in Toyland, was wonderfully successful. My friend Connie gave me this beautiful Fitz and Floyd music box last year after Christmas.  It plays Toyland.  I have planned my table around this theme.  It was the very first piece I brought out sometime around Thanksgiving.  I called Connie with overwhelming JOY again.  It was like I was unwrapping it for the first time. I am a child at heart and the music and lights of Christmas I welcome with delight.



Using the April Cornell table cloth as a foundation, I have also used red roses and fresh greenery from my garden to join the music box as my centerpiece. 



Toyland, Toyland, Little Girl AND Boy Land.  While you dwell within it, you are ever happy then.  Childhood’s JOY-land. Mystic, merry Toyland, Once you pass  it’s borders, you can never return again.


These plates are  from Pottery Barn.  Bob and I spied them last year while in Florida.



These beautiful Italian stems looked so beautiful with these plates.  Again I have used my white charger plates and red dinner plates I have had forever it seems.


Santa is making a list and counting it twice…..




Now Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen but we know the most famous reindeer of all..Rudolph.



Beautiful Napkins and redbird by Lenox.


My gold stemware graces many of my tables.


Can you hear the music?  Do you hear the bells? Being a child at heart opens me up to many joyful experiences.  Thank you Victor Herbert for this beautiful opera.  Thank you Connie for this fabulous F and F music box.  Let the music fill our hearts this Christmas season.


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  1. Dianne, I love your Toyland table with the F&F music box Santa. Your AC tablecloth is beautiful with your Pottery Barn Santa plates. Psst…I have the tablecloth, also! Your table would make anyone sing with glee. Have a most wonderful day my friend!

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