“Do this in remembrance of me.” the words of our Lord

Hi Friends,

About 40 years ago when I was a very young woman, I attended Biltmore United Methodist Church.  A lady named Eugenia Gibson did the most beautiful cornucopias for our church.  I would just be awed when I walked into the sanctuary.  Totally awed!   One year Eugenia had to be away.  She ask if she could come to my home -she had something to talk about.  Eugenia and I were not particularly close so I was anxious to know what this might be.    She came to my house that very Sunday afternoon.  She wanted me to do the cornucopia in her absence, not a job one would want to do following her.  I can only remember my disbelief that she was asking me of all people. I said yes because I could not turn down such an honor from this beautifully talented lady.  To this day, this memory is so special to me and how Eugenia created so much beauty for all of us.


The horn at church was about twice this size and I used all sizes and colors of pumpkins, gourds, fruit and flowers.  This in no way compares to the cornucopia at church.



A table for six…it looks like 5 1/2.  My photographer has lost her touch. (Ha)


Connie gave me these beautiful salt/pepper shakers for my birthday.


I have used green place mats to compliment my favorite plates.


These plates are Edme Posy by Wedgewood.  I have had these for a very long time.



I think these may be my favorite napkins ever from Pier I years ago.








Cornucopia-Horn of Plenty… overflowing with fruit, gourds, pumpkins, flowers, corn, and other items of bounty.  Connie keeps reminding me how powerful it is to “remember”.  Even our Lord used the words “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

I will always remember Eugenia Gibson and her faith in a young woman.


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2 thoughts on “Cornucopia

  1. Dianne!
    An immeasurable memory indeed of this very talented Eugenia. The heavens are singing today with the beauty she is creating there! You have mastered, on a smaller scale, the replica of our memorable altar table……Oh, if only Everyone could just experience the feeling of entering that beautiful “warm wood” sanctuary! None other to compare! Ah yes……Remembering.
    This table and all its beauty is one for Remembrance. Thank You!

  2. Dianne, I so enjoyed reading of Eugenia and the gift of confidence in you. Your table is overflowing with the bounty of harvest. It is so warm and inviting. I do love the Wedgwood plates. Wishing you a most lovely week sweet friend!

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