Spring and Summer Lookback

“Life never ends and love never dies.”

Hi friends,

Three years ago I decided to start a blog in honor of my beautiful mother.  Every flower that blooms in my garden, every table I set, every bird I photograph, every barn that I visit, and every effort I make toward this blog is intended to honor the beautiful person who has been the inspiration for these things.  She was a great Christian.  She was greatly loved by all who knew her.  I am including some of my tablescapes and vignettes that I have enjoyed doing so much this year.  It is just a small sampling of my favorites.


I started with this even though I did it for Mother’s Day.  She was very beautiful.


This picture includes me so I am very fond of it.  I would be born that Fall.



Oh, the colors of Spring!

IMG_7149 (1).JPG

A little vignette for St. Patrick’s Day.  This angel was given to Mother from Dad and it was so so special to her.  I try to add something to every table that belonged to her even if it seems out of place,  It looks perfectly beautiful to me.


Easter with these cute plates and rabbits carrying their eggs.  Mother’s egg plate is also on this table.




Another Easter table.  I found these cute bowls and that’s the story. They hopped in my basket at HomeGoods.



Don’t you agree, they are irresistible?



A Country French table.  I have a small collection of roosters that went with these plates.  Plates from Pottery Barn.


One of my favorite tables.  Outside near my knockout roses.  The pitcher belonged to Mother.



Bob gave me this butterfly bench and I set up a table under my Cinderella trellis.



This table cloth and these little hummingbird plates make a beautiful statement.  I love seeing them in my garden but they are very difficult to photograph.

IMG_7725 (2).JPG


Blue and white is probably my favorite.  I love the lemon yellow with it.


On this table is Mother’s  little blue and white cows that hold toothpicks and salt/pepper shakers.



My Tuscan table…



One of my favorite plates.  I had seen these with the flowers but never with the birds.  I was smitten.  Portmeirion (Botanic Garden Birds).  This is a scarlet tanager.



This is a small sampling of my tables.  Most of my blogging is about my flower garden and some of the beautiful places Bob and I visit.  I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me this spring and summer.

I am so deeply grateful to those of you who follow my blog.


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  1. Dianne, what a memorable and beautiful round-up of your spring and summer tables. The memories of your precious mother and the mementos she passed on to you make each table so special. I know you shared a lovely mother/daughter bond that death cannot separate. Wishing you a joy-filled week❤️

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