My Garden Joy


Hi Friends,

I want to start my post with this beautiful scripture.  This is a card I received with my monthly “Journey” from a friend in Lakeland, Tennessee.  She has been sending these to me since 2015.  Journey is a woman’s guide to intimacy with God published by LifeWay Press.  She inserts a little note with every monthly edition. I just swooned when I saw this. There is butterflies also on the stamps.  Anita is a very Godly woman who brightens the days of many of us through this ministry. 

Now, a short visit in my garden……


If we were walking through my garden, I am taking you from left to right…this swing  has moved with every move.


Two of these and a fire pit.  Bob uses it for burning leaves most of the time.

IMG_0021 (1).JPG

This patio was done after we looked at the space for a while.  A good decision.  The glider belonged to Mother.


These have just stopped blooming.


These are now blooming.


So beautiful…just love the color.

IMG_0002 (2)

That is salvia just behind the lily.  Blooms all summer and the hummingbirds love it.


This is my only hydrangea that is blooming now.

IMG_0026 (1)

The roses have stopped blooming but the daylilies are blooming.





IMG_0002 (2).JPG


IMG_0003 (2).JPG

This beautiful show belongs to my neighbor but I hope to have shasta daisies next year.



My grass is really growing and I expect to have lots of tall flowing grass. I just took a few blooms from the garden.  This little bird belonged to Mother.

Thank you friends and thank you Anita.


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  1. Dianne, what a delightful stroll around your garden. All of your blooms are so pretty, and I love all of your areas for sitting and taking in all of God’s creation. I used to get Journey, I do love that first photo. Blessings my friend, Pam

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