Summer’s Aura

Hi dear friends,

Life is full of bright promises.  I spend many days watching the first rays of sun on a faraway mountaintop or breathe in the mountain air.  I hear the birds chirp and watch the squirrels scamper.  I am enjoying blueberries freshly picked from a farm down the road.  It’s  a big, big world and our God has designed it to be amazing and wonderful.  Enjoy the journey!

Sit with me for a while….


I have set a table in my garden. I have used two watering cans filled with flowers as my centerpiece.


Yes, my garden has a summer aura that invites me to linger for a while.


I have used my yellow plates and pink bowls.  These pink bowls speak of a salad complete with these blueberries.


These watering cans were a gift from a friend two years ago.   I have enjoyed them so much.


Summer’s Aura for sure.


Look at my climbing pink roses, planted last year,  They are really showing off.



Even the pillow is a watering can sitting in my new chair from Bob.


The gold rimmed stems are about forty years old


Thank you for joining me in the garden.  As we journey, may we always feel the Presence of the Creator beside us.


4 thoughts on “Summer’s Aura

  1. Dianne, the tablecloth is so pretty and is wonderful in your garden. I love the blues, pinks, and yellows, so reminds me of a summer day. I would love to sit at your table and enjoy a cuppa. Happy Thursday dear friend!

    1. Thank you Pam. I am loving every moment in the garden. Thank you for your enduring and amazing support.

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