Blooms and Birds

“Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature.  It will nurture your mind, body and soul.”

Hi friends.

One of my favorite things about Spring is the flowers that start to bloom and the birds that begin to sing……all part of God’s great Creation.


My bearded iris transplanted from Mother’s house is quite beautiful.


These pretty perennials are some of the first to unfurl.


The bleeding heart is one of my all time favorites….also transplanted from Mother’s.

IMG_0006 (1).JPG

The collumbine, another transplant, looks beautiful in the sunshine.




More blooms to come.  I love to have something blooming every season. 

IMG_0004 (1).JPG

I have five peonies and they are all full of buds.  I am so excited. Yes, transplants from Mothers.


A tiny finch has built a nest.  Looks like they can barely get in and out.

IMG_0005 (1).JPG

Our garden is lush with greenery. Bob has a stick to stoke the fire for the fire pit.

IMG_0015 (3)

IMG_0007 (1).JPG

The helleborus is the first to bloom after a long winter.  Their blooms last eight to ten weeks.  They thrive in the shade.  Their evergreen foliage has year-round appeal.


The front has Japanese maples on either side of my entry steps with greenery as a contrast.


Lots of Cotton Tuff as a border.




My garden is just beginning to flourish.  I have so much planting I want to do.  My little garden is nourishment for my soul.

Thank you for your visit.





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  1. Dearest Dianne, what a pleasure to walk in your garden as I drink my coffee this morning. I will be awaiting your peonies” blooms, I know they will be lovely. The cardinal perched on the sweet angel is stunning. Of course, the bearded iris are so pretty. Happy gardening my friend❤️

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