Bunnies and More

The very first Easter taught us this:  that life never ends and love never dies.” – Kate McGahan

Hi friends,

I just love bunnies and there is no shortage of them around this house.  This bunny by Bunnies by the Bay is new because he is going to a very special person.



I put this arrangement together for a tablescape that I will share later.  Thanks to the Floral Monday friends, I have realized that vignettes are so beautiful and a centerpiece can be repurposed.  Flowers are expensive but I have Trader Joe’s close by.  I went to BB Barnes to buy a present and they had this beautiful vase.  I have to limit my visits to BB Barns.


I have been singing “At the Cross” every day since Bonnie did her recent post. The Cross and candles been around a very long time.


I love that my kitchen chandelier looks so pretty but that single fork does not. I don’t know what happened.


This may be my favorite bunny.  I love his carriage. One of my first bunnies.


A couple of bowls from my upcoming tablescape.  This is Bob’s favorite bunny with his flop ears.


This is my favorite. He looks to be a little mischievous playing with the dragonfly.


And this is everybody’s favorite……none other than Peter Rabbit.


I should tell you about the flowers…pink rancunculus, daffodils and filler from Trader Joe’s.




I love Mother reading to her baby. The brown looks beautiful with the vase as the vase has lots of brown etching.


This cross was made for me by my beautiful friend Elva Lee.  It is a treasure.

Glory to His Name!  Glory to His Name!


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  1. Dianne, you have assembled beautiful bunnies and flowers. I haven’t been able to find a single ranunculus this season, and I do love them. Your new vase is really pretty! Wishing you a most wonderful Friday my friend

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