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Sunday was a glorious day here.  The sun was out all day, the temperature was perfect and I took the afternoon to go through my garden.  I cut back some of the leaves from my helleborus that had frozen.  Thankfully they survived the cold.  I pulled leaves away from some of the plants.  The leaves provided some protection from the cold. It looks like two of my bleeding hearts have survived thus far.  I see no sign of my peonies but I have not given up hope.  My JOY was out of control.  I understand why Jesus loved to go into the garden to pray.



The helleborus have the sweetest little blooms.  I have five of these plants and they will bloom several months.


My daffodils have been blooming for a while.

IMG_0037 (1).JPG


This is a very special plant to me…transplanted from Mother’s.   It is not blooming yet but it has survived also.


Placed the fern in the picture for more ambiance. My hyacinths did not survive.


IMG_0787 (1).JPG

IMG_0786 (2).JPG

These are last year’s bleeding hearts and they are coming along nicely.  Will have new photos soon I hope.


Not blooming but they look so healthy.

IMG_0024 (1).JPG

The beauty of a stream near my home.


IMG_0015 (3).JPG

Miss my garden and the statuary that Bob and I have collected over the years. Ready to play again.

IMG_0006 (2).JPG


Mother’s chair and quilt made by her loving hands.


The birds are very active.  There were three male cardinals chasing one female cardinal in my backyard.  It was an interesting thing to watch.  Never seen that many cardinals at one time. They were quite beautiful.

IMG_0035 (3).JPG

Pass by this pasture often. Such beauty….

IMG_0037 (1).JPG


Golden sunshine, a breeze so clean, the redbirds whistle, my heart rejoices,                Could it soon be Spring!

Thanks for taking this walk with me.




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