Transition from Christmas to Winter

Hi Friends,

I am transitioning to Winter and then to New Years.  I love to leave the greenery and the small trees up for a while.  I seem to have collected some wonderful bird items so I usually display some of these items.  It is raining so much this morning that I wonder where my sweet live birds are taking cover. 

I keep my Christmas cups out as there is always hot chocolate and hot tea in the afternoon and I love sipping from a special cup.   I begin to incorporate some blue which is always a warm welcome in our home.  May the Joy of the Christmas season remain with us all year.  Let us be more giving, more forgiving and love more deeply.


This china salad plate called “Winter Greetings”  by Lenox is a favorite.  It has just enough blue to mix nicely with the ginger jar.  The frosted fruit sparkles and reminds me of winter that is yet to be.  Very frosty most mornings here.


The blue napkins again add the blue touch I am trying to achieve. I have had these salad plates for years.  



You can see I am ready for this afternoon.  


The mantle is transitioned with the blue.  The cross that Jennifer gave me the day we moved into this house was a house warming gift that reflects and symbolizes our faith. I have never moved it from its spot.





Blue throw and a wintry pillow with a deer to match.





There are a few things that are the last to go…Vintage horse and Vintage Santa.


New Year’s decorating is going on in the Dining Room so I will be back to share the festive look of the New Year at the Sharpe home.




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