My Autumn Porches

Hi Friends,

This has been an usual week knowing that Hurricane Florence was on the way and might be of historical proportion.  Bob and I put away cushions, cleared our porches, and planned for the worst. We live on this little mountain in Asheville and it is very windy when there is a storm.  Given these circumstances, I’ve decided to share my last year’s porches and garden with you.  Fall is my favorite season and I probably overdo it a bit.


Lets start with the front porch.  This wreath was something I found at B.B. Barnes and added the initial after painting it.


Two black urns hold fall grass, ivy, and baby pumpkins. I change out the urns every season.



IMG_0019 (1).JPG

A little creation that sits on one of my tables on the front porch.


IMG_2370 (1)

IMG_2420 (1)

Now to back porch…..


An old urn Jenn gave me and a new creation.


I bought this little wagon last year.  I had a goat cart for many years and it detoriated over the years.  I’ve added flowers and pumpkins to my heart’s delight.





To the garden……

IMG_2316 (1)



IMG_2966 (1)




And my knee wall all decorated………


What a JOY it is to share this time with Pam at Everyday Living and Gardens Galore. Pam, a special thank you for hosting this garden party and all the others this summer. Blessings to you and all the special people who participate.  Let us continue to pray for all the victims of Hurricane Florence as more flooding is predicted.  My heart just breaks for these people.









6 thoughts on “My Autumn Porches

  1. I hope you were spared the wrath of Florence. I’ve been watching the events unfold on television, and there is seemingly no end to it all. It’s so nice of you to share pics from years past of your beautiful fall decor. I love the drama of that black pillow against the black chair! I really live the wreath on the tree, too. You’ve given me inspiration to do something similar this year!

    1. Alycia, so glad to hear from you. That chair has a story. It was given to me by a man who did so many wonderful things for Mother and me during her last year. Hope you are doing well. I know you are having fun whatever you are doing. ❤️

  2. Dianne, I am so thrilled you shared your beautiful porches. I love the traditional colors of fall and you did it perfectly. I hope you were spared of the worst of the wind and rain. Thank you for all of your support for Gardens Galore and your beautiful links that you have shared. Stay safe!

    1. Pam, thank you for your words which are always so sincere and meaningful. We were spared most of this damage. It has been such a great pleasure to join Gardens Galore. Thank you precious friend.

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