This morning in my Garden

Hi friends,

I can’t begin to describe the joy I I have had in my garden this morning.  The lighting wasn’t perfect for photography but all the other elements were close to perfect.  It rained last night so the earth is fresh and beautiful.  The butterflies were busy.  The bees are loving my sedum. I am grateful for the Creator of all glorious beauty.  I join Gardens Galore today if I can catch up.


For late summer and early fall, I planted a row of sedum in my garden.  They are now turning pink and will then turn a bronze/brown color. 


I picked up roses from Trader Joe’s for my centerpiece.  How heavenly they look beside my sleeping angel.


My first sedum was given to me by a friend when Mother died.  I totally fell in love with this plant.  How better to remember someone than to give them a living plant.


I loved being out here this morning.  Perfect Joy as I praised God for so many blessings!



Too much light for my bird plates but they are special.








Rabbit is always reading…does not need his lantern this morning!



My salvia has grown so big…  Hiding my boy and his bird.




I hope you find time to spend a few minutes with me in the garden where my soul finds peace and joy.


4 thoughts on “This morning in my Garden

  1. Dianne, your garden is lovely. I have never grown sebum, but yours is so pretty and it is nice to have a plant which blooms this time of year. Your roses are gorgeous and I am in love with your bird plates.I would love to enjoy my morning coffee with you in your beautiful garden.

  2. Dianne, what a beautiful way to start your day! Your garden is full of love and care and it definitely shows. The roses on the child’s chair reminded me that I have a chair like that somewhere and I must find it. The roses are so pretty laying on it. I love sedum, but last year high winds broke mine and I didn’t replant this year. The bird plates are perfectly placed. I wish I could share time in your garden. Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore!

  3. Dianne, Your autumn joy sedum is so pretty and is further along turning color than mine. I have it in two places in my garden. I love how it roots so easy just stuck in the dirt. Being in zone 8 further south mine is a perennial. Does yours come back each year?
    Your bird plates are beautiful as is your pretty roses and seeded eucalyptus.
    I love your little chair. I bought four of the same style for my grandchildren when our church remodeled the children’s department and purchased new chairs. Those wooden ones are a treasure. My DIL painted them gray and they look nice.
    I’m glad you find peace and joy in your garden.

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