Limelight Hydrangeas

“At the sound of a child’s pure laugh or the sight of a father holding his baby for the first time, incredible joy pushes upward, spilling over.  Our hearts were made for Joy.  Our hearts were made to enjoy the One who created them.”

Hi friends,

It has been raining most of the last two to three weeks.  It is just impossible to get a table set up outside so I am back inside.  Hopefully this fall will be a good time for alfresco dining.


My limelight hydrangea is in full blossom and beautiful.  I took a few for my arrangement in this galvanized bucket.


I just love the colors and pattern of this tablecloth.  It relates to all the silver hues.


I have had my silver teapots about forty years.  I stuck this little faux bloom in it and it seemed just right with the other pink.


The bird was given to me by a friend about five years ago.  Just putting something simple together can set a happy little scene.



I added this hummingbird plate that goes with a set from Williams Sonoma.  Connie gave me these a couple of years ago….my favorite plates.


This cheeseboard made a lovely touch with its ornate carving.


I did these photos both day and night as I am sure you have noticed.  This is a difficult location to take photos.









I am glad you joined me for my little joy in the kitchen.  Have a wonderful weekend.



3 thoughts on “Limelight Hydrangeas

  1. Dianne, you created a beautiful vignette with the gorgeous limelights. Your tablecloth is so pretty and I see two things that I have. I also have the lovely napkins and the WS plates. It is always so fun to visit with you sweet friend. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. All the treasures in this post caught my eye. The chessboard is exquisite! The hummingbird dish is stunning. And now all these beauties with your Lime Lites! Fabulous!


  3. I enjoyed so much in this post!

    Your Lime Lites shine along with your exquisite cheeseboard and that beautiful hummingbird plate! Fabulous!


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