Garden Love

“I look behind me and You are there, then up ahead and You are there too–Your reassuring presence, coming and going.  This is too much, too wonderful—I can’t take it all in!       from Psalm 139:5-6  paraphrased by me

Hi friends,

Last evening I enjoyed a most beautiful view of the mountains sitting on my front porch.  Our neighbor, Rob,  always has the most amazing display of fireworks for all of us to enjoy.  I am able to enjoy these from my front porch.  I had to forgo the homemade ice cream this year as I started a “little diet plan” recently. I have 10-12 pounds to lose.

Now that we have celebrated the birthday of our country, I am looking toward things blooming in my garden and Bob and I are going to take a few days away next week.  Come see what I have been playing around with…just a little short visit in the garden.


These blue hydrangeas just gives my heart joy!


The tablecloth belonged to Mother…a little elegance with this beautiful hydrangea.



I was called away and did not finish my table.  It began to rain so Bob brought everything in for me.

IMG_5709These are my precious bluebird plates that Bob gave me for Christmas several years ago. I think these are the only bluebirds I am going to see in my garden…my favorite bird.

IMG_5726.JPGThe salvia has grown so tall and will bloom all summer. Roses are looking much better.


Instead of protecting the garden, this little angel sleeps all the time. Love his sweet features.


“Grant me,  Oh God,  the power to see in every rose, eternity;  In every bud, the coming day; In every snow, the promised May;  In every storm the legacy of rainbows smiling down at me.” -Virginia Wuerfel

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6 thoughts on “Garden Love

  1. Dianne, your garden is just beautiful! We are so blessed with the beauty God created for us, aren’t we?

  2. Dianne, I love visiting your garden. What a gorgeous Tablescape and a perfect setting with the hydrangeas. Blue birds have taken up residence under our pergola and I am cleaning it twice a day where they leave their business. I hope you and Bob have a wonderful respite. Blessings sweet friend! xoxo

  3. Thank you wonderful friend. I just love being among the flowers. Bob is so good to rescue me while I am running with grandchildren. My daughter is Head of School at a large charter school and they are building a new beautiful school. Mom has to help a lot. I am so proud of her. Grateful to you beyond words.

  4. Friend of Mine, these are beautiful pics in your Scantuary! The prayer at the end certainly speaks to me……Thank you for this reminder just at the right time for me.

  5. So glad to know there is something to give comfort even if it is just for a moment. Beautiful obit. My heart breaks for you and Dr. Silver’s family. I think this entire city is grieving for a life taken so young and so tragically. Love you my wonderful friend.

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