June Inspiration

We do not understand the intricate pattern of the stars in their courses, but we know that He who created them does, and that just as surely as He guides them, He is charting a safe course for us,” – Billy Graham

Hi Friends,

My tablescape today is inspired by the beautiful birds that enjoy our feeders every day.  They really love the early morning.  It keeps Bob and Maddie busy filling the feeders.


I had seen these beautiful bird plates once before and had passed on them.  You know how we talk to ourselves….”Don’t need these and have no room to store them.” On that particular day I was upset with myself for not having got them.  I told Bob that if I see them again  I will purchase these plates.  And sure enough…months and months later in a walk through TJ Maxx, one set waiting for me.  No hesitation!


I have created a centerpiece with lots of color with a nest nearby.




This candlestick and candle belonged to Mother.  I always try to use something that belonged to Mother on my table.


I used pink linens and tried to incorporate pink in my centerpiece.


Flowers are such a gift to us.  They can make an ordinary day very special.



These stems were a gift from Hazel, my wonderful mother-in-law. These crystal cups will hold a special flavored coffee.






To enjoy life you don’t need wealth or power but a song in your heart.  Thanks for your visit today.  



4 thoughts on “June Inspiration

  1. Dear Friend, this must be one from “top 10 list” for me featuring favorite tablescapes you have shared. Love, Love the flower arrangement and accompanying beautiful vase. So happy you did not miss the second opportunity for the plates to fly home with you. Ginger jar a perfect match for the vase and plates.

    1. Thank you wonderful friend. These plates are so beautiful. I, too, love the flower vase. I am glad I had the good sense to get it years ago. I know you tire of hearing this but I would never have done this without your gentle push and it is a joy.

  2. Dearest Dianne, what a stunning table. Your floral centerpiece is a show stopper. You needed the bird plates because they are perfect. I have seen these before, but never at TJ Maxx. I spy napkins that I also have. I pray that I will always have a song in my heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and creative talents!

  3. Hi wonderful friend. I keep thinking how blessed I am that someone of your talent and famous in blog world reached out to a newcomer and stuck with me. You have blessed my life in so many ways and I am so grateful. If I ever see these plates again, you will have a set. I can just imagine what you might create.

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