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I am joining the very talented Pam Richardson at Everyday Living today for her Gardens Galore Link Party.  Gardening is one of the true joys of my life.  We have had record rainfall in May  with little sunshine so my garden has a way to go.  The flowers need more sunshine.

Besides lots of flowers and nice shade trees, my garden includes a swing, a fire pit with two adirondack chairs, a cinderella arbor, statuary, and a small patio. My Mother left me an old glider and I had a bench I wanted to use in my garden.  We built a beautiful patio of colored  stamped concrete for this purpose.  It has an unusual shape that fits nicely in the area.   It took us a bit to lay it out.  There are lots  of trees including evergreens that make beautiful backdrops. I am all about the flowers, birds, rabbits, and the butterflies. Let’s head out to my garden….



This spring a beautiful indigo bunting came through for a visit.  Look where he perched!


These blue iris standing very tall are breathtaking.


I  had some beautiful blooms before so much rain came and I am glad I kept the camera handy. The columbine was so beautiful next to the pink hydrangea.


My day lilies are doing very well.  I have six of these that make a nice border.


Knock out roses provide lots of blooms.


Bearded iris transplanted from Mother’s garden.



The indigo bunting checked out the feeders and then flew away.  I hope he will be a frequent visitor.


This blooming tree just outside my fence gave me much joy in early spring.


IMG_0655 (1)

Our garden is divided into several sections but all flows together.  My swing gives me lots of happy times.  This year I planted climbing honeysuckle on both sides of the swing.  I expect it will almost climb to the top by next year.

IMG_0030 (1).JPG

Mother gave me this old glider and we had a bench so we needed a patio.  We designed a shape and then used colored stamped concrete.  We are so happy with it.


I planted two climbing roses for the arbor. Their blooms are amazing and they are growing so fast.


A new hydrangea for the garden.


Roses blooming.  Took these pictures yesterday afternoon.



We are getting ready for our new mulch but the roses are beautiful.


This was taken last year-the roses, the salvia and the sedum were all flourishing.



Two of these on my wooden fence.



The arbor is a wonderful place to set up an outside table and enjoy an evening in the garden.


Thank you for taking this tour of my garden.  It is a work in progress.  I have my gloves and trimmers handy to do some deadheading today.  Pam, thank you for the opportunity to join the party.






15 thoughts on “Garden Joy

  1. Amazing just how your gardens have survived to be so beautiful with very little sunshine and our humongous rain fall of recent weeks. And another amazing… indigo that chose the wing of Angel statuary to rest a spell. I am sure you were more than pleased to capture this photo! Your special sanctuary area with swing and bench invites me so to enjoy this serene beauty. Sedum one of my favorites……love when blooms change to mauvy brown.

    1. Connie, could not believe my eyes when the indigo bunting appeared. Thank you for your beautiful comments.

  2. Dianne, your garden is so beautiful. The Indigo Bunting was a delightful treat to see and to see him in real life would make my heart pound a little harder. I know your garden is a marvelous place to simply enjoy beauty!

    1. Sandra, thank you for touring my garden. Yes, the indigo bunting was a gift. Glad I had my camera close by. Thank you again.

  3. It’s so beautiful out there! You have many amazing blooms. How long have you been gardening in that spot? We moved to this house last summer and although I’m a pretty good gardener, it’s just going to take some time. The patio you built is so welcoming tucked in under the trees. 🙂

    1. Stacey, we have been working on this about three years. It takes time and I know you will have a magnificent garden. Thanks for touring my garden.

    1. Joanna, thank you for visiting my garden. I think a lot of us have a passion for our gardens.

  4. Dianne, what a wonderful stroll through your garden! I know you have had too much rain, but everything looks beautiful! The irises are truly stunning and all the roses are amazing. I love your patio area with your Mother’s glider, I am sure it is a great place to “be still” ! The table under the arbor is a perfect spot to share a meal. What a lovely visitor was the indigo bunting! Thank you for joining Gardens Galore and Happy Gardening!

  5. I was able to visit so many of your guest bloggers posts. So many beautiful gardens…so inspiring to join fellow gardeners. Have a blessed day.

  6. Dianne, If I had an indigo bunting in my yard I would be thrilled. Oh, it is so beautiful. I know you felt blessed to capture it and I am so glad you shared it with us.
    I love your patio area and all your statuary. Your roses are lovely and so many pretty colors.Your baskets of flowers that hang on your fence look so attractive.
    Sweet tablescape under the arbor.
    I’m sorry to be late to your garden post. It has been hectic.

  7. Bonnie, my heart skipped a bit when I saw the indigo bunting. How fortunate to capture him. Yesterday I had a pair of woodpeckers but did not move fast enough. Thank you for your sweet comments. I do hope you are feeling better.

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