A black and white tablescape

“At the sound of a child’s pure laugh or the sight of a father holding his baby for the first time, incredible JOY pushes upward. spilling over.  Our hearts were made for JOY,  Our hearts were made to enjoy the One who created them.”   author unknown

Hi Friends,

I am anxious to get outdoors and set up a table but the weather has made it almost impossible. So I decided to come back inside. Hopefully there is some sunshine on the way and my flowers can rebound.  My peonies are laying on the ground beat down by torrential rain. Even my other roses have been hit hard. Mother would not approve of my fussing about the weather. She would say “God is in charge of that.” I have this black and white container sitting on gold stilts that I am excited to use.


Every once in a while I like to set up a table on my kitchen island.   I just threw some greenery in this beautiful container and it seems to be all it needs.


I have very little black and white.  I am using my napkins as place mats.


I am using my beautiful white plates that I have had for years.  Mother’s bread plate is also on the table. The green napkins seem to be the right color and texture for this table.


The little bird bowls will hold cantaloupe and strawberries.  Going by the Farmer’s Market today to look for strawberries. Using my gold flatware to match the centerpiece.








I hope you enjoyed my big splash of color today.

Thank you for your visit today.  


3 thoughts on “A black and white tablescape

  1. We will gladly trade you some rain 🌧 for this awful heat and unrelenting humidity we’ve had!!! ☀️My hair has SUFFERED!!!!!!!! As long as you don’t send the rain next Saturday when I plan to entertain outdoors!!! Your tablescape is perfect for indoors or out. Simple and to the point…can’t beat that! I hope you get some sunshine ☀️ soon!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi friend. I am sending some happy rays to you for next Saturday. Will we have a post? Hope your back is doing well. Sending love.

  3. Dianne, I am so sorry about your beautiful peonies! Our gardens are so dependent on rain and sun, which comes from our Heavenly Father! Hopefully you will dry out soon. I love your beautiful Tablescape on your island. The black and white container is so unique and a great inspiration for your setting! As always, beautiful and welcoming dear friend!

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