Happy Mother’s Day-Our Family

Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also and he praiseth her.   Proverbs 31: 28

There are three people here and one of them is me.  I would be born in a few months.  Thankful to have this picture.



Thirteen months after I was born, Mother delivered a baby boy…my brother Gordon.


They were hard working, God loving people.  We were in church every Sunday.


Dressed up for church. Look at my patent shoes and socks. Gordon has on a bow tie.


We both played basketball and we were dressed for the Athletic banquet.  This night I would receive the MVP for basketball.  Gordon always won all the academic awards!


Beautiful and always in love.


Loved their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

My Dad would say “Dianne, your Mother is the greatest person who ever lived.” or “Dianne, isn’t she beautiful!”


Love, love, love these two!



So blessed to be born into this family.


Gordon and I remember them best like this…on the farm loving the farm animals.


Mother and I were very very close.  We held hands a lot, talked almost every day all of my life, and shared our intermost thoughts.  I praise God every day that I was blessed with this kind of Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day my friends.


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day-Our Family

  1. So great, Dianne, that you have these photos and memories of times together. This is a beautiful tribute to your parents on this special day. Singing praises always for the rich family heritage. Wishing you and Jennifer a Happy Mothers Day.

  2. As you know, Connie, we can never thank God enough for our heritage. You and I are so blessed with a Christian family. It makes all the difference in the way we see life and how we live life. Praise be to God. You are an amazing friend.

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